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Walk-In Bathtub Dimensions

Designed to fit seamlessly within a standard bathtub size, the KOHLER® Walk-In Bath is available in a variety of dimensions and features fast fill and drain time, hydrotherapy with massaging air jets and a low 3" step-in. Learn about the specifications and details of each component to create your dream Walk-In Bath design.


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The KOHLER Walk-In Bath is designed to fit within the footprint of your existing tub and has a number of features that will help you relax and unwind. The bath can be customized from 52 to 60 inches long, and from 28 to 32 inches wide, which allows it to fit nearly any space. Its ultra-low 3-inch step-in allows for an effortless entry, and is among the lowest of any walk-in tub on the market.

The interior seat is 17 inches high and offers 21 ½ inches of seating space, ideal for a deep soaking experience. The KOHLER Walk-In Bath also features the optimal number of jets strategically positioned to target your stress points while maintaining a higher level of water pressure and air jet intensity. And with the use of exclusive technology, the KOHLER Walk-In Bath features fast filling and draining for added comfort.

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Watch the specifications video for an in-depth look at how the Walk-In Bath is customized to fit perfectly in bathrooms of any size.

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What is the average walk-in tub size?

The size of your Walk-In Bath will vary based on the dimensions of your bathroom and your design preferences. The average size of walk-in tubs is typically 60 inches long by 32 inches wide, with a height of 38 inches.

Small walk-in tubs can be as little as 36 inches long by 32 inches wide, while large walk-in tubs can measure up to 60 inches long by 40 inches wide. Most experts recommend that you leave extra room around the bath for improved ease of use and accessibility.

view of walk-in tub with door open
Common Dimensions
Smallest recommended size for a walk-in tub 36" x 32"
Average walk-in tub size 60" x 32"
Average walk-in tub size for larger bathrooms 60" x 40"

Walk-In Bathtub Specifications

The ideal size of your walk-in bath will depend on your bathroom’s layout and your unique needs. All KOHLER Walk-In Baths can be customized to fit within a standard tub width, height and length. It will be leveled to fit precisely within your existing bathtub space.

Walk-In Bathtub Size
Exterior Frame 52" L x 28" W x 39" H
(Up To 60" L x 32" W)
Interior Seat 21½" W x 17" H
Door 17 ¼" W
woman in bath

Walk-In Bath Water Depth

31½" Bathing Depth for Maximum Comfort

Most home water heater tanks are large enough to easily fill the bath with hot water. With a tub depth of 31 ½ inches, the KOHLER Walk-In Bath is designed for a standard 50-gallon water heater; however, the age and condition of the water heater may affect performance.

Bathing Comfort Features »
woman stepping out of walk-in tub

Ultra-Low Step-In Height

3" Walk-In Threshold for Effortless Entry

Three inches is the average step-in height for our Walk-In Baths—making it one of the lowest on the market. Note that step-in height may vary slightly depending on your home’s bathroom layout and specifications.

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Specifications for Comfort and Relaxation Features

Section 1
whirlpool jets closeup

Air Jets and Hydrotherapy Whirlpool Jets

10 Hydrotherapy Jets. 17 BubbleMassage Air Jets.

Our engineers built the KOHLER Walk-In Bath with hydrotherapy to feature the optimal number of jets that are strategically positioned to maximize comfort while maintaining a higher level of water pressure and air jet intensity.


Tub & Shower Combo Dimensions and Specifications

Add flexibility to your bathing experience with the optional Shower Package. The gooseneck shower arm allows you to take a shower while safely standing in your bath, providing a convenient option for users with varying levels of mobility. To add a modern touch, the clear, frameless KOHLER Bath Screen serves as an elegant replacement for a shower curtain. These accessories are easily installed with your Walk-In Bath and will not affect the overall size of your new bath.

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tub shower combo specs
Regular Shower Arm 10 11/16" L
Extended Shower Arm 19 5/16" L
Bath Screen 41 ¼" H x 31 9/16" W x ½” D

Customize Your Bath

Customize Your Bath Wall Colors

Invest in a bath that’s designed to match your lifestyle and the look of your home.

Transform your space without any major renovations using our KOHLER LuxStone® bath walls, which are custom-cut to fit precisely in your bath space. Choose from a variety of patterns, textures and colors to make your new Walk-In Bath complement your decor. You can even customize your bath color and the finish of your fixtures.

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Bathtub Dimensions Frequently Asked Questions

  • How are walk-in tubs different than regular bathtubs?

    Although designed to fit within the same footprint, walk-in bathtubs offer a safer and more comfortable bathing experience than traditional tubs for people with limited mobility. They offer a low threshold and a wide door for easy step-in access, grab bars and a deep built-in seat for safer transitions from sitting to standing and often have hydrotherapy jets for added relaxation. Together these features create a more accessible bathing solution to help people live independently and age in place longer. Learn more about the Walk-In Bath’s safety and comfort features.
  • How big is a walk-in tub?

    Walk-in tubs are built in a variety of dimensions to accommodate a wide range of bathroom sizes. The KOHLER Walk-In Bath can be customized from 52 to 60 inches long and 28 to 32 inches wide, which allows it to fit nearly any space. During your in-home quote appointment, your KOHLER Authorized Dealer will measure your bath space to ensure that your new Walk-In Bath is the right fit for your desired location.
  • Are there different styles of walk-in tubs available?

    Yes, there are several different types of walk-in tubs available to meet your unique needs and bathing preferences. Some popular types include traditional soaker walk-in tubs or tub shower combos, air and hydrotherapy walk-in tubs for added comfort, and walk-in tubs designed specifically for individuals with limited mobility, such as bariatric and wheelchair-accessible tubs. Many walk-in tubs also offer customization options. Explore the best types of walk-in tubs to find the right bath for you.

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Printable PDF: Dimensions

For fast and easy access, download a printer-friendly version of the KOHLER Walk-In Bath dimensions and details here.

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Expert Installation by a KOHLER Authorized Dealer

Replacing your tub has never been so affordable. Your local KOHLER Authorized Dealer can remove your current tub and install your new KOHLER® Walk-In Bath in as little as one day. You just sit back and relax. Learn more.

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  • Wide Door and Low Entry Allows Accessibility

    James  Pennington, NJ I was most satisfied with the design of the tub. I like the door, it seems to be a little wider. The access is a little bit easier to get in and out. Being the tub is wide, you don't have a little hump that you have to climb over.

Learn why the KOHLER® Walk-In Bath has a 96% rating among customers.

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