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Frequently Asked Questions

Tips For Best Performance

Care & Cleaning

  • How do I clean my Walk-In Bath?
    Caring for your KOHLER® Walk-In Bath is similar to traditional bathtubs and requires only a few household cleaners. View our Care and Cleaning instructions.
  • How do I flush the jets?

    We recommend flushing your whirlpool system twice a month or more, depending upon usage. To flush the jets, start by adjusting the jets fully clockwise so there is no air induction. Fill the bath with warm water to a level 2" above the highest jets, or leave water in the bath after using.

    Add 2 teaspoons of a low-foaming, powder automatic dishwashing detergent and 20 ounces of household bleach (5% to 6% sodium hypochlorite) to the water. Run the whirlpool for 5 to 10 minutes. Then shut off the whirlpool and drain the water. If desired, rinse the bath surfaces with water. For more information, click here.

  • How do I unclog the drain?

    For Blocked Drains: Remove as much standing water as possible. Pour entire contents of KOHLER Drain Treatment package in a clogged drain. Allow to work overnight if possible. Flush with hot water.

    For Slow Drains: Add 4 ounces of KOHLER Drain Treatment for each inch of diameter of drain pipe. Add at lowest water-use period for best results. Continue daily until the system flows freely. Then add every other week as a preventative maintenance measure.

    See instructions for more information.

Health & Wellness

  • Can I use Epsom salt in my Walk-In Bath?
    Epsom salt is safe to use with the KOHLER® Walk-In Bath, but we do not recommend using other types of bath salts, oils, or bubbles. These products could coat the recirculating PVC jet harness and dry out the bearings and seals inside the pump. This could cause a build-up and disperse black flecks out of the jets.
  • Can I use bath bombs, essential oils or bath soaks in my Walk-In Bath?
    It is not recommended to use these items in your Walk-In Bath because they could interfere with the performance of the jets. For a soothing aromatherapy bath experience, we recommend lighting a scented candle or using an essential oil diffuser in your bathroom.


  • What is covered in my Lifetime Limited Warranty?
    Your Lifetime Limited Warranty covers manufacturing defects on all bath components including but not limited to the bath door seal, and any hydrotherapy systems (pumps, motors, jets, BubbleMassage,TM, Bask® heated backrest) as well as the KOHLER faucet and handshower. Learn more on our Warranty page.

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