For seniors who wish to remain independent in their home, certain walk-in tub features are more important for safety and comfort than others. With unique needs and mobility challenges, there are many factors for seniors to consider before making a walk-in tub purchase.

Whether you are planning your home for your golden years or need a new accessible bathing solution immediately, here are some features to keep top-of-mind as you shop.

Step-In Height

Consider the threshold you step over to enter the walk-in tub, and opt for the lowest one possible. Designed to prevent the user from lifting their leg too high to enter the bath, the accessible step-in is one of the most important features to note while you compare walk-in tubs. Many walk-in tubs have stepovers as high as seven inches, which for many is still too high to comfortably access the bathtub. The KOHLER® Walk-In Bath offers an ultra-low 3” step-in, the lowest on the market.

Therapy Features

adjustable whirlpool jets in walk in tubMany seniors look for comfort features, such as hydrotherapy jets and heated surfaces, to add a spa-like feel to their bathing experience. Whirlpool jets and air jets are quality enhancements that can massage aching muscles and soothe joint pain. Additional in-line heating can make the bath more comfortable as the tub fills and drains.

Tip: Ensure that you research the quality of the jets rather than quantity. Having too many jets can decrease the overall power of the jet system.

Handrails & Grab Bars

Your safety as you enter, exit and operate the walk-in bathtub is paramount. Look for tubs that offer surrounding handrails and easily accessible grab bars. These will help you transition securely from standing to sitting. The KOHLER Walk-In Bath features a grab bar and an indented handrail around the rim of the tub for secure movement at every step.

Textured Surfaces

Slip-resistant flooring and surfaces ensure a secure step in and out of the bathtub. Look for a walk-in tub with textured surfaces for a better grip in wet and dry conditions.

Other features to considerWoman using multifunction shower head in the Kohler Walk-In Bath

  • Fill and drain time
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Seat depth
  • Warranty
  • Handshower


Stay in the home you love with accessible and therapeutic bathing features that make every soak more enjoyable. With a walk-in tub, maintaining your independence at home is ultimately the best feature.